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Athar Project

A mentoring, educational, vocational project, launched by the International Syrian Association for Education Development and established in partnership with Global Share, aimed to support people with motor disabilities to enter the world of web development and learn about programming and designing websites.

Global Share Mission Statement:

Global Share’s mission Global Share’s mission is to co-manage and support the Athar project with advanced technology and agile management frameworks, developed mainly by volunteer programmers from all around the world, united by their belief in the importance of technology to spread knowledge.

Project’s Activities and Stages:

We recently finished the first round! Over the course of the previous year, 12 Global Share members worked alongside the Syrian Association to provide the Athar project with the necessary, Global Share developed management framework, mentoring plan guidelines and advanced technologies to support the project and the educational process that is achieved through it. Global Share is now actively working on developing the new set of technologies and management solutions for the next round of the project!

In addition, Global Share is currently focusing - through the activities presented in Athar - on gathering requirements to build a custom mentoring platform that will help manage the next round of the project.

Educational activities in Athar:

  • Backend Course: that covers Php ,MySQL database and Laravel framework. The course duration is from three to four months.
  • Series of webinars: These webinars are held at a rate of 2-3 webinars per month, through which technical and general topics are discussed that help the beneficiaries to enter the market.

  • Results of the first pilot round of the project:

    After a year of partnering with the Syrian Association in the Athar project, we were able to:

  • Train 25 beneficiaries on developing Front-end websites, 16 of which graduated the course.
  • Train 16 beneficiaries on back-end Laravel website development. 5 of which graduated the course, and 3 are on the waiting list.
  • Create a bond between 25 web development mentors and 25 beneficiaries, and provide all participants with a great network of web development professionals and friends!
  • Present 7 workshops to the participants, which included the following topics: Resume Building, Interview Preparation, Bootstrap, Database and MySQL, JavaScript, WordPress, Web Development Career Journey Tips.
  • Offer paid online courses on educational platforms and Future Learn with lifetime access.
  • Help mentors to overcome power problems by providing them with Power Banks. Moreover, the top 4 front-end trainees received a 1 TB hard drive.

  • There is always more! Global Share will provide six months of mentorship to the top 5 back-end graduates, where we will help them develop their skills through training in Git and Kanban techniques, and providing them the ability to work with teams to deliver realistic web applications. We will also cover domain registration and hosting costs for the first customer for our top three graduates who have completed the mentorship period at Global Share!

    Management Framework:

    Scrum with Kanban (Scrumban)

    More info:

    The project tour lasts approximately 6-7 months of work between mentors, coaches, coordinators, and members of the Global Share strategic team.

    The project lasts 6 to 7 months roughly, with 25 mentees, 25 mentors, and 11 mentors coordinators and strategy members from Global Share.

    Through official collaboration with the International Syrian Association for Educational Development, Global-Share is providing Athar with the project structure, guidelines, and needed online tools to support its mentoring process. We are, presently, in the process of gathering requirements to build a customised mentoring platform that would serve future mentoring rounds.

    As shown by the graph, the structure of the Athar team is designed by Global Share to fit the distinct nature of the project and its activities.

    Furthermore, Global Share has created a circular semi-autonomous structure for the project to facilitate collaboration among the Syrian Association Volunteers and members. It is also responsible for organising communication channels and the flow of information among volunteers.