Tentative Website

Future Portal  

As the first hub and landing page for connecting, organising, and serving Global Share benefiters and volunteers, Future Portal is a website project that will provide information on Global Share, its projects, team, and volunteering opportunities. This website will include the heart of our work in Global Share, which makes it the portal to the future. This project will also be the first stop to people who want to be part of our team!

Global Share Vision for the Future Portal Project:

Create a website for Global Share users that is easy to use, accessible for all users, fast to use, and operates effectively with low bandwidth connections.

Project Mission:

Our mission is to employ technology that supports communities through providing knowledge and fair opportunities. In GS, we aim to build a pool of talented people in different domains to advance their careers by creating and developing innovative software and projects with high social impact.

Technology Stack:
  • PHP,Laravel
  • Html, Css, JavaScript.
  • Database: MySql.
Management Framework:

Scrum with Kanban (Scrumban)

Project phases and current status:

You are currently browsing the minimum viable product (MVP) version of the project right now! The team behind the project is still growing to include all kinds of developers. Global Share will provide six months of mentorship to the top 5 motor disabilities graduates trained in the Athr project, to be able to work on Future Portal.

Apply and be a part of the great team. We’d love to hear from you!

More info:

This portal will help set the visual identity of GS (Global Share) and build a dynamic foundation for linking the portal to other GS projects. It will act as a gate to all other GS projects and bear Global Share’s identity and vision in its design.