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This project aims to support students and learners in reaching and creating open knowledge worldwide. Through writing and editing Wikipedia articles using the most advanced technologies, participants will be supporting our aim in bridging the global knowledge gap step by step.

From the training of new editors to engaging with local and international educational institutions, our goal is to create a sustainable volunteers’ community that believes in our values and give them a chance to elevate their professional skills….

(you can learn more about how we support our volunteers below)

What is the change that we want to achieve?
1. To Support Wikipedia by:
  • Help to stop the steady decline in the number of volunteer editors.
  • Support Wikimedia’s vision of a world in which every single human being can freely share in the sum of all knowledge.
  • Increase the 19% of women’s biographies on Wikipedia.
  • Support the 9% of women Wikipedia editors.
  • Translate articles from English to other languages to bridge the Knowledge gap in different Wikipedia versions.
  • Reduce the systemic content bias in different Wikipedia language editions, as some cultures, topics, and perspectives tend to be underrepresented.
  • It would help Wikipedia deal with an increasing trend of vandalism and increase its reliability in targeted countries.
2. support volunteers on a personal level through:
  • Developing new or existing skills such as collaboration, academic writing, online content creation, citing and referencing, and IT skills learn by doing
  • Helping volunteers contribute to open knowledge and develop a sense of giving back to their communities.
  • Creating networking opportunities with groups and individuals that share the same values and educational aims.
  • Becoming a part of the Wikipedia editorial community and getting international recognition.
  • Improving the knowledge of a second language by translating Wikipedia articles. In return, increase the number of Wikipedia articles written in the students’ native language and support free learning.
  • Expanding volunteers’ knowledge in their areas of speciality or study.
  • Adding new experiences to their professional CV with an international institution.
How it works :

We will be working in units (teams) across different countries to generate and translate content using advanced tools and methods provided or developed by Global Share to make the process smooth and, so we need people to:

  • Leader: who forms and manages the teams.
  • Networkers: who bring the team together and follow on its progress
  • Team Members: who bring their field expertise and are passionate about their fields and gather resources that help the team share open knowledge based on their area of expertise.

Knowledge is power, and education is a gift that we honour by giving back our personal best. So let’s all be a part of a community that shares those values and works toward closing the knowledge gap in our communities!

Join our WikiGS team and add solid international experience to your CV while helping to make knowledge more accessible in your field for everyone at the same time.

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