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Senior Graphic Designer

Global Share is an international social enterprise on a mission to employ technology in supporting communities by providing knowledge and fair opportunities.

Why? Imagine a world where technology is a portal for removing academic and career barriers. Global Share is your future portal.

How? We are building a pool of talented people in different domains to advance their careers by creating and developing innovative software and projects with high social impact.

Our Values:
Our belief in the value of Knowledge Equity, Collaboration, Volunteering, Transparency, and Diversity leads Global Share towards her vision in every action she takes.

Helen platform is online space where like-minded people meet to collaborate on reaching their educational or professional goals using innovative tools.
Our first two features, events shop and ask community targets two user groups:

  1. Community Members who are working on achieving an academic or career goal through attending online workshops and networking events where their questions can be answered by expertise.
    1. Those highly interested in getting support to achieve their academic or career goals in a year or less. They are motivated to attend events, ask questions and collaborate with others.
  2. Expert Members or organisations or communities who are interested in providing online development opportunities and answering their community’s questions in one centralised place.
    1. Those highly interested in giving back to their community and achieving tangible social impact in supporting individuals to achieve their academic or career goals.
We at Global Share eagerly look forward to volunteering applications from those who share our vision and want to be part of its history by designing compelling graphics to market its first product.

The title, according to GS's terminology: Graphic Designer Specialist
Location: Online
Type: Voluntary.
Weekly hours needed: 4 Hours or more.

You will initially work on our Radioactive squad. The radioactive squad’s role is to build a good brand for the enterprise, expand the social network, and increase the audience around Global Share.

You will be responsible for creating a community around Global Share by producing attractive visual content, achieving basic standards, and participating in advertising campaigns, as well as being responsible for creating unique visual identities for Global Share products and projects.

You will work on variety of tasks including:

  • Create compelling, relevant, professional designs and visuals with regards to concepts creatively and in a timely manner.
  • Create diverse visual designs (posts, stories, videos, reels), meaningful logos, templates and attractive visual identity to give each project its own character and diversify our message delivery methods.
  • Create the designs and the visuals according to the specific criteria to ensure the achievement of the basic standards within GS.
  • Understand the requirements and determine the message that the design should convey.
  • Understand, maintain and provide a visual touch for the art direction for artworks throughout different media.
  • Custom graphics for frequent marketing materials like emails, blogs and other communications.
  • Optimise graphics and video content for social media platforms, websites and mobile apps.
  • Provide creative solutions and detail-oriented care to ensure the highest level of visual consistency in bilingual artworks.

  • At least 3 years of professional experience.
  • Bachelor's degree in art, architecture or any relevant field.
  • Professional experience in graphic design tools “Adobe Photoshop, illustrator, premiere, InDesign, etc..
  • Understanding of marketing, production visual identity, advertisement and social media.
  • Understanding of design principles (typography, composition, proportion, patterning, colour theory, photo art direction, etc..)
  • High level of creativity
  • Excellent English Skill.
  • Experience in voluntary work.