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Savvy Squad members are the ones who handle GS’s legal affairs, liaison with authorities, and are actively involved in making sure that GS is fully compliant with local and international law, protecting all of its squads' Data, operations, members, and assets. The squad's scope of work includes:

  • Drafting and vetting of routine contracts pertaining to property, license, nondisclosure agreements, intellectual property rights, vetting tender documents, drafting and vetting of MoA, MoU, Indemnity Bonds if any, Undertakings and authority letters, vendor contracts, etc.
  • Liaison with relevant Government offices and other competent authorities if necessary.
  • Visit competent Authorities for documentation, follow up and keep records.
  • Monitoring the organization's data protection compliance
  • Interpret laws, rulings, and regulations for GS's individuals and other organizations.
  • Negotiate settlements of disputes.

To sum up, they help us explore the right path cautiously and bravely for a fairer future.

Is This Opportunity For me?

This volunteering role is perfect for individuals who want to be a part of an international development team that participates in protecting and supporting the social enterprise legality. It is meant for those who are willing to take part in international relations and enterprise affairs and utilise new tools and methods of working. You will be developing and leading the delivery of a unique method for collaboration on flexible/professional volunteering roles.

Join our international team, and take part in supporting an organization with a high social impact!

  • A passion for volunteering.
  • English language proficiency.
  • Able to work on your own, without routine supervision.
  • Can devote a minimum of 3 volunteering hours, per week. And one of the following:
    • Experience in Data Protection policy-making or Legal affairs or any relevant experience (min 1 -2 years)
    • Solid knowledge of GDPR and national data protection laws
    • Solid knowledge of national Charities and NGOs registration laws & procedures